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Globular Transparent Jug of The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Roman globular jug

Roman globular jug

Roman globular jug

Roman globular jug

1st-2nd Century A.D., Roman Empire
Size H= 16.0 cm D rim= 5.0 cm D max = 10.0 cm
Classification Isings form 52a

Description: Intact free blown light-olive green transparent jug or bottle. The rim folded downward, upward and outward. Short cylindrical neck with slight constriction at the bottom end and wide near-globular body and slightly pushed-in base. Four-ribbed strap handle applied to shoulder drawn up and attached to the neck below rim at right angles
Provenance: Paul E. Cuperus collection NL (PEC047)
Exhibited: Thermen Museum Heerlen (NL), ‘Roman Glass from Private collections’, 29 April-28 August 2011,
Published: Bonhams, Fine Antiquities July 1996, no.267, Bonhams, Fine Antiquities December 1996, no.87, Ref. Bonomi no.317; Zampieri no.246

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