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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

 Date: 3rd.- 4th. century AD Isings: form: 94 – without the handles  –   Kisa: Formentafel F, no:348

Size:↑ 9.5 cm | Ø body: 9.5 cm | Ø Mouth : 7/8 cm | Ø Base ring: 3.4 cm| Weight: 138 g  |

Technique: Globular body of translucent white glass blown into a mold, turned to the left; rim folded out, up and in, rounded; dark green-blue handles brought up from the shoulder of the body to the mouth from opposite sides; excess glass flattened to the level of the rim; a green-blue glass ring is attached underneath the mouth and a small ring in the same dark colour is placed underneath the body as a base ring.

Description:  Squat globular body with diagonal pattern of white-bluish translucent glass with dark green-blue handles on a small blue base-ring;  in addition a ring of blue glass is placed underneath the outsplayed mouth, visible from above through the transparancy of the glass.

Condition: Intact and complete, with some adhering sand and/or the remnants of ashes.

Remarks:  Most likely the amphoriskos was used as an incinerary jar to hold the remnants of a child or baby; it is likely that a lid did belong to the jar, but is not delivered.*  According to C. Isings: 1. ”Bulbous Jars with an outsplayed rim belong to the ordinary household ware, made of bluish-green glass. The Jars of this type known – i.e. without the handles – were all used as burial urns. It is unknown whether they were actually made as urns or not ” 2. “ The same type of jar in smaller dimensions (not higher than 10cm) was in use as an unguent pot”.

*Suggestion by David Giles, London, 2019.

Provenance: From a private dutch collection, previously unpublished; likely from Gallo-Roman territory, north eastern France or Rhine area.

Reference: La Baume: ‘Glass der antiken Welt I’, D61, Tafel 30,2; Roemisch- Germanisches Museum  Koeln, Band III, Sammlung Karl Loeffler165, Tafel 22,2;  Spartz, Antike Glaeser, Nr, 40, Tafel 9;  Zahn, Zammlung Baurat Schiller nr, 212, Tafel 10.

Click on these additional images of this jar to enlarge.

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