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The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

 2AcoaG # 6.1

Date: Second century B.C.;  Eastern Mediterranean or Greece

Size: H: 3.8 cm, D: 9.00 cm, Thickness rim: 0.39. cm, Bottom: 0.32 cm, Isings form: 1.


Technique: Mouldpressed, or sagged, hemispherical bowl; from a convex mould; wheelcut line underneath the rim into the same glass pattern.

Description: Hemispherical bowl, i.e. convex curving side and convex bottom; mosaic pattern formed from polygonal sections of a single blue bar as the centre, with an opaque white spiral surrounded by an amber coloured field that joins the other intersections with visible lining; rough wheelcut rim, slightly polished; one wheelcut groove at approximately 0.85 cm below the rim.

Condition: Complete and intact; polished; surface pits and remains of iridescence and weathering on the inside and outside.

Remarks: The rim is not finished with a coil of a different pattern, which might indicate an older date, or a primitive approach in technique.

Provenance:  From  a dutch collection. Said to have been aqcuired in Sicily, Italy.

Reference: Isings, 1957, form no: 1, p.15, Olivier, 1968, Millefiori glass in classical Antiquity, p.65, n.4, Slick-Nolte/ Stern, 1994, Early Glass of the Ancient World, Ernesto Wolf Collection with elaborate explanation on the technique.


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