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125E of Allaire Collection Merovingian Beaker with Festoons


Description: Pale bluish-green glass beaker was shaped by blowing into an open mold.  The decoration features self-trails applied and tooled into a festoon pattern, a common design used on glass vessels of the Migration Period.  At the rim a slight flare is present with a cracked-off edge. Intact, some weathering.  In the collection there is another beaker like this one with a larger bowl. i See it below and at #124E(active link).

 Date: 5th C. AD

Size: H 6.0 cm, D 9.5 cm

 Ref: Hans Cohn Collection #111, Vaudour-Memoires de Verre de L’Archeologie a L’Art Contemporain, Catherine Vaudour, 2009 #67, and #68, Price-Glass in Britain and Ireland AD 350-1100, Edited by Jennifer Price, British Museum Occasional Paper# 1272000 p. 201 Colour Pl. 1



125E  Smaller Merovingian Beaker with Festoons,  124E Larger Merovingian Beaker with Festoons

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