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127E of Allaire Collection Merovingian Globular Beaker with Looped Trails

Date: 6th-7th C. AD         Size: H 6.0 cm, D 9.5 cm


Description: Globular beaker, with a rounded profile has a constricted neck, everted rim, and a pushed-in stable base. A form that occurred frequently in Anglo-Saxon England and Merovingian France from the late sixth to the seventh century.  This vessel is a pale greenish yellow globular beaker having a tall incurved neck with horizontal trailing at the top and vertical looped trails below. These vertical looped trials applied half way up the bowl and continue around the base and onto the bottom of the vessel.

Condition: Masterly repaired using mostly original shards.

Ref:Memoires de Verre de L’Archeologie a L’Art Contemporain, Catherine Vaudour, 2009  P. 38 #65,   Verrres De Champagne P. 56 #115,  P. 53  Fig. 30,  P. 112 Fig.65,  Glass of Four Millennia  Martine Newby 2000,  p. 26,   Les Verres Merovingiens, Tresors de Wallonie, Musee Ourthe-Ambleve, Comblain-au-Pont, 1993, P. 118, #29

Similar globular beakers  found in museums and other collections




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