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ONE-HANDLED CUP of Hans van Rossum

Date:1st century AD | Northwest area of the Roman Empire

Size: ↑7.5 cm | ø 7.3 cm for the body | ø 5.7 cm for the mouth| Weight 46 g

Technique:Free blown; handle applied

Classification: Kisa 1908: Band II, no. 7, p. 317 for the type of the handle

Condition: Intact, some incrustation; almost clear

Description: Transparent pale green glass; globular body, mouth widened, rim folded outward and polished in flame. Handle applied to shoulder, drawn up and attached to mouth  and in a fold, just below rim. Slightly concave base with rest of pontil.

Remarks: Especially the shape of this small cup is rare. The glass worker used the pontil so he must have made it during the second half of the first century AD. He took the time to polish the pontil scar, really remarkable.

Provenance: Ex private collection Jülich-Aachen (D)

Reference: Paul Getty Museum object no. 2003.287 for a striking parallel 7.0 x 7.0 cm, Vetri antichi del Museo Vetrario di Murano, G.L. Ravagnan no. 36, The Constable-Maxwell Collection of Ancient Glass, Sotheby’s 5 June 1979 lot 138, Ancient Glass in the Hermitage  collection, N. Kunina no. 312 – 314

A striking parallel J. Paul Getty Museum object no. 2003.287




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