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75R late Roman glass beaker of Allaire Collection

Date: 4-5th century  Size: H: 7.5 cm Rim D: 8.5 cm


Description: This rather large pale yellow-green concave beaker has a thin glass trail around its body with an out-splayed folded rim.  The rounded curved base does not have the classic Roman ring foot but a round protrusion which makes it very stable.  The pontil mark in the center of the base is cracked off and rough.  The beaker has the elements of both a 1st C. Roman jar and a 5th C. Merovingian bell beaker.  It is probably not Merovingian,  however it is leading the way to the bell beaker.  Parallels have been found of similar vessels from both periods however we feel it is late Roman because of the flat base rather than the rounded bases, points or small knops of most Merovingian bell beakers.


Remarks and Condition: This beautiful beaker is intact with almost no weathering. It has a real presence.

Ref: Corning Vol. 1 #166, Corning Vol. 2 #672



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  1. Joop van der GROEN said, on January 23, 2019 at 10:37 am

    I also own such a beaker. See page 3.3. on The Ancient Glass Blog. (That is only a part of my collection.)
    I am sure it is a Roman beaker with the name “Carchesium”. All the there mentioned Refences have a same beaker and they date him 1st century or 1st -2nd century.
    My Dutch friends / glass collectors confirm my opinion.

    Joop van der Groen

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