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Date: 1650-1675 Size: H: 12 cm


Description: This roemer has a spherical bowl with vertical ribs and a high concave coiled foot.  The stem is decorated with two rows of smooth spherical prunts.  A prunt is a blob of glass applied to a glass object, usually a drinking vessel.  The transition from bowl to stem is marked by a milled glass thread and the foot is made of fused glass thread.

Remarks: This is a special type of roemer because of the smooth spherical and convex prunts. They are fairly rare and appeared shortly before 1650 then discontinued around 1675.  Some examples of this type were mould-blown to form vertical ribbing (50E above), while some had a smooth bowl (see below).

Provenance: Netherlands see map below.

Ref: Glass in Rijksmuseum, Vol. 1 Pieter C. Rotsema van Eck & Henrica M. Zijlstra-Zweens, Amsterdam,1993 # 190-191 (see this example below) , Glass Without Gloss, Utility glass from five Centuries excavated in the low countries 1300-1800. Harold E. Henkes, 1994 P. 259





For additional information on Roemers in the Allaire collection click on this link.


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