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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on January 11, 2020

(10A) Cathedral Styled Glass Pickle Jar of the Allaire Collection

Size: H: 11 ½ inches Date: 1845-1870


Description: This is a large then normal mold-blown jar in the gothic revival style with no pontil mark.  The jar has a wonderful cathedral decoration and a nice deep aqua green color.

Remarks: In the United States from about 1830 to 1860, design elements found in the Gothic cathedrals of Northern Europe—especially pointed arched windows with ornamental stonework—were adapted for use in the country house architecture and furnishings.  The popularity of the Gothic Revival style extended to the design of humble wares, among them this pickle jar. With Gothic-style arches on each side, the jar is evidence of the interest of people in a high style of the period.

Possibly manufacturer: Bulltown Glass Works or Crowleytown Glass Works both were in southern New Jersey,

Ref: Spillman II # 79, Ketchum 1975 p. 140 & 145 and 1985 p. 79, The Art Institute of Chicago # 1850/70, American Art gallery 227 (pictured below)


Size: 11 ½ inches Date: 1850/70


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