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FAÇON DE VENISE WINE GLASS of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen



Dimensions: ↑ 13,3 cm.; ø cup 6,8 cm.; ø foot 8,3 cm.; weight 105 gram
Origin: most probably the northern Netherlands mid 17th century

Description:This fine wine glass has a so called rounded bucket bowl, see Bickerton, which is an almost cylindrical cup slightly, rounded of at the bottom. A bucket bowl is one of the rarer forms for this type of glass. The very large diameter foot is also quite typical for glasses from this period see also the glass with the two hollow knops. The cup set directly on a merese which on a second smaller merese and then attached to the top part of the pointed hollow knop. At the bottom part of the knop is again a small merese, followed by a short solid section connecting thru a flattened knop to the almost flat foot with turned in rim. The stem construction is a so called inverted baluster.

Material: soda glass (cristallo)

Condition: Intact

Parallels: (amongst others)
– The stem construction is almost the same as for glass BM 30 from the Bomers-Marres
collection, see pg. 30 of the catalogue “ Het vormglas door de eeuwen heen” published by
Laméris in 2006,
– Frides and Kitty Laméris, Venetiaans & Façon de Venise glas 1500 – 1700, exhibition
Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam 1991, pg. 97 nr. 79b,
– Laméris 2014, “Glasses and their portraits”, the Kees Schoonenberg collection, pg. 112/113,
– Pijzel-Dommisse & Eliëns, “Glinsterend Glas, pg. 158 nr. 264, exhibition catalogue 2009,
however, engraved and with a taller hollow knop,
– Mees, “Glashelder, Tafel- en Sierglas from the 16th to the 18th century, pg. 72 nr. 50,
equal stem construction,
– Bellanger, Histoire du Verre, L’Aube des Temps Modernes 1453 – 1672, pg. 78,
– Ritsema van Eck, Glass in the Rijksmuseum Vol. 1, pg. 36 nr. 32
– Vreeken, “Glas in het Amsterdams Historisch Museum en Museum Willet-Holhuysen”,
pg. 168 nr. 147, a by Jacobsz. Heemskerk engraved much smaller glass, however with
the same architecture,

– with Thierry L’Huillier, Pont L’Eveque, France,
– in the owners collection since 2015.

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