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The New-York Historical Society is an American history museum and library located in New York City at the corner of 77th Street and Central Park West on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The society was founded in 1804 as New York’s first museum. Size of glass collection is 2,000 objects.  Highlights of the glass collection include a large assemblage of paper weights, a sizable and an important group of Sandwich Glass vases, candlesticks and oil lamps.  There are also examples of earlier glass such as South Jersey vessels with lily pad motif and Stiegel-type pieces.  The collection has an important group of Tiffany glass vessels and lamps beautifully displayed. The Tiffany collection is 139 objects from Dr. Egon Neustadt and is consider one the best in the world. This is link to:

Tiffany Collection



Many skilled artisans had a hand in creating Tiffany Studios lampshades. Typically, designers first created a watercolor sketch showing a least one repeat of the shade’s pattern. Then they outlined the design on a three-dimensional plaster model of the shake, painted in with watercolor, and obtained Tiffany’s approval.  They rendered approved designs as cartoon, or full-size flat drawings and incised them onto shaped wooden molds used for final assembly.  The artisans also cut brass templates for each segment and traced the cartoon onto a flat, clear a glass “easel” in black paint.

Using the templates as guides, glass cutters cut the pieces and wrapped their edges with a thin strip of cooper foil before affixing each one to the easel with wax.  Placing the framed easel against a window allowed selectors to view the glass in natural, transmitted light. When complete, they sent he easel to the factory in Corona, Queens, where men soldered the segments together over the wooden mold, starting with a metal ring at the top.  Finally, the shade was electroplated and given a rich patina to harmonize with the bronze base. (from The New York Historical Society display)

Additional glass vessels, paintings and objects



Below is the older post for this museum. I am including it as there are objects and vessels pictured which are no longer on view.  It will also show what a great job was done during the renovation of this museum.

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