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NFB 343 TWO-HANDLED FLASK OF Nico F. Bijnsdorp

NFB 343 TWO-HANDLED FLASK OF Nico F. Bijnsdorp


Date: 3rd – 4th century AD. Origin: Eastern Mediterranean.

Size: H: 12.1 cm. D body: 6.2 cm. D rim: 3.1 cm. D base: 3.7 cm. Weight: 59 gr.

Condition: Excellent condition. Spectacular golden and rainbow iridescence.

Technique: Free blown. Handles applied.

Description: Pale bluish green glass. Collared rim, folded out-, down-, up- and inwards with a horizontal constriction. Cylindrical neck with constriction at its base. Horizontal sunken broad shoulder. Piriform body slightly widening at base. Concave bottom with pontil mark. Two strap handles dropped on edge of shoulder, drawn up vertically, bent horizontally and attached to neck just below the rim. Folds tooled into handles at upper and lower ends and in the middle.

Provenance: The John F. Fort Collection, 1996., Fortuna Fine Arts, New York, USA.

Published: Christie’s 25 October 2016, No. 153.

Exhibited: Museum of Fine Arts Houston, “Glass of Imperial Rome from the John. F. Fort Collection”, 2 June – 6 October 2002.

References: Israeli 2003, The Israel Museum, No. 340., Matheson 1980, The Yale University Art Gallery, No. 343.

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