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14E Lidded Compote with Turquoise Decoration in Allaire Collection

Description: Lidded compote with turquoise decoration on the lid and bowl in the Venetian style.

Date: 20th century

Dimensions: Top finial 5 cm, Diameter of bowl 12 cm, Height 18 cm, Weight 253.5 g

Remarks: This is an exquisitly made compote with turquoise decoration on the lid and bowl.  Is it modern or Venetian? We bought the compote in Aug. of 1990 at an antique mall in Allentown, PA. for a low bargain price.  We had just started to expand our Roman and American glass collection into European glass and were running blind.  It was the beauty and craftsmanship of this object that made us buy it.  When we got it home and took a really good look at it and consulted our library and photos of museums glass collections, we got very excited.  Could it be an old one from the 16th century?  Two knowledgeable experts in Venetian glass noted the fine craftsmanship of the compote but felt it was modern.  One of them had a problem with the finial having too many knops and the other expert thought the style of the turquoise decoration and the brightness of the color was unusual.  He said it is usually a spectacle decoration or just a line of turquoise.


14E Compote lid and bowl below




Parallels of 16th century compotes

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