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ROMAN flask from the Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen collection

Dimensions: ↑ 12,9 cm.; largest body ø 4,8 cm.; ø mouth 5 cm.; weight 107,5 grams.

Origin: most probably Eastern Mediterranean, Syro- Palestinian, Date: ~ 4th century AD.

Material: Soda glass, condition: intact.

Description: The body of this object made from darkish green glass has been pre-formed in a dip mold thru which the ribbing was formed. In the next steps the body was further blown out and the neck and the mouth were free formed. The body is slightly conical. The mouth of this object makes it a bit enigmatic. Normally these collar shaped mouths have a bottom forming a groove in which material from the flask could be held and for example be used as a kind of air freshener from the evaporating ethereal oils in that groove. Such groove is in this case only rudimentary present. Not enough to contain any fluid. As the “Romans” were quite practical in their approach in forming the objects taking into consideration the potential use or application of the object, one wonders about the reasons of this glassmaker to make such an elaborate mouth. It makes this flask, however, quite unique. Collecting is not a straight forward process as many objects carry let’s say some mysteries.

Parallels: (amongst others):

No direct parallels have been found as yet. For the body and color numerous parallels can be found of which some are listed below:

  • Antanoras, Fire and Sand pg.93 nr. 110,
  • Arveiller-Dulong & Nenna, Les verres antiques du Musée du 427 nr 1193,
  • Ancient glass in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburg, nr.221,
  • Rossum van H., Roman and early Byzantine Glass (2011) pg. 208 HVR 009,
  • Groen van der J., Romeins glas , een privé collective (2018), pg. 262/263 – VDG 086, pg. 264/265 – VDG 059, the last one for the typical collar mouth,
  • Zandbergen, Levend glas (2017), pg. 42/43 RF – 15, also for the typical collar mouth,
  • Rossum van H., Romeins glas, collectie van Annelies Bos-Pette (2019), pg.156/157, ABP 048,

Provenance: – ex David Berman collection, Haifa; – Archaeological Center Ltd, Tel-Aviv.

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  1. wynkin said, on July 16, 2020 at 6:33 am

    Perhaps a sponge was placed in the mouth?

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