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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on August 9, 2020

Roman Splash Glass

Splash glasses were produced by rolling a bubble of colored (blue, etc.) glass over a marver covered with shards and chips of colored (white, etc.) glass. The bubble of glass mixed with the shards and chips would then have been reheated to make it ready for blowing. The chips melt flush with the surface and change shape when the glass expands; round at the greatest diameter, elongated vertical in the neck. Description from ROMAN THIN-WALLED ‘SPLASHED GLASS’ ARYBALLOS of  Hans van Rossum

”It has been suggested that this technique may have been developed to imitate the more costly mosaic glass.  Many of these glasses are found in the Aegean area and in South-Russia.” (Whitehouse 1997)

The exceptional examples below, are of this technique of decorating ancient glass.


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