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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on August 21, 2020

30R Hellenistic or Roman Ribbed bowl of the Allaire Collection of Glass

Date: Late First Century B.C. to Mid First Century A.D. Diameter: 13 cm


Remarks: This earlier Roman ribbed bowl was probably not made by the direct cast and slumping method.  It may have been formed from a thick round disk. The ribs were formed hot with a pincer tool and then the disk was slumped into a bowl shape. The process is described in this link Ribbed Bowls and their Manufacture by Mark Taylor and David Hill. It is a class of bowls from the from the Eastern Mediterranean area with short, close-set ribs concentrated around the middle of the body.  For the most part, such bowls are naturally colored, either bluish-green or light green, or intentionally decolorized. A small percentage occur in cobalt-blue or other colors. The size of the bowls and thickness of the ribs vary.

Ref: Glass the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World, Sheppard and Cooper Ltd.  London Feb. 1994 #9,Early Ancient Glass, David Grose, Toledo Museum, 1989 #236

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  1. H. van Rossum said, on August 21, 2020 at 5:12 am

    Carole and John, this one is amazing…so clear with sharp ribs.

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