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HEAD of a COCKEREL of Hans van Rossum



Date: 4th Century AD | Roman Empire Size: Height 3.8 cm |Weight 196 g

Technique: Free blown; tooled

Description: The head of amber glass; the comb of red glass and the eyes of light blue glass.

Remarks: I Probably part of a complete figure vessel. Roman glass in the shape of an animal is rare.

Remarks: II Dating is based on the use of red glass. This color is known from finds during the first Century AD when it was used in a mosaic plaque, known as: “Birds in Thicket”, formerly part of the Sangiori Collection. Red glass is also known from some glass finds dated to the 4th Century AD as there is a fragment of the ‘Opus Sectile”, a panel with Thomas (second part of 4th Century AD) but red glass was also used for the Cage-Cup, excavated during 1960 at Köln-Braunsfeld and it is part of ”the Masterpiece”, known from the Luxemburger Strasse, Köln. A vessel richly decorated with opaque white, blue and red glass trails. Dating early 4th Century AD. The use of red glass is rare, in combination with this head as a whole makes this piece unique.

Condition: Intact for the head

Provenance: Formerly part of the collection of Mr. C. Sheppard, London 1980s.

Reference: Not any reference good be found

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