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28R Swirled Roman Sprinkler Flask of the Allaire collection

Date: 4th century Size: ↑ 7.5 cm, ø 5 cm Weight: 43 g

Remarks: The sprinkler is a unique type of flask in which there is a very small opening at the base of the neck to allow the contents of the vessel to pour out drop by drop. This is sometimes referred to as closed off dropper mouth. The small aperture also prevents the costly contents from evaporating.  In the Roman time sprinklers were named gutturnia (singular: gutturnium). These flasks were popular during the 3rd & 4th Centuries and supposedly held perfume, oils and other liquids.  Roman glassmakers used a wide variety of decorations on the very popular sprinklers such as mold blown designs, applied threads as well as pinching & tooling.

Ref: Antonaras, Fire and Sand: Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum, Anastassios C. Antonaras, 2012 #111


Additional sprinkler flasks in the Allaire collection of glass

Click on active link below the vessels pictures to see additonal information on these objects.



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