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BEAKER of Hans van Rossum


Date: Mid-to-late 1st century AD | Northwest Provinces of the Roman Empire, probably Northern Italy Size↑8.5 cm | ø 5.8 cm | Weight 82 g


Technique: Free blown, rim ground, wheel-cut grooves

Classification: Calvi 1968: gruppo A | Isings 1957: form 29

Condition: Intact

Description: A beaker of transparent yellowish green glass, cylindrical body and straight walls. Straight rim, sloping inward; rim ground and polished. On wall, three wide horizontal bands of grooves, with the uppermost just below rim, alternating with three narrow grooves. Flattened base, no pontil scar.



Remarks: This type of beaker with grounded rim was, as Stern says, made in three basic shapes cylindrical, ovoid, and truncated conical. The majority has a flat or slightly concave base. The truncated conical beaker may have been the earliest variant. Made in Italy and the northwest provinces, these glass beakers never became as common as the so-called Hofheim cup. Examples from the eastern Mediterranean and the north coast of the Black Sea were probably imported from the West. The ovoid and truncated conical shapes have parallels in slightly earlier, thin-walled pottery. (Stern 2001)

Provenance: Cologne art market; Axel Weber, 15 April 1997 German private collection

Published: Antiek Glas, de Kunst van het Vuur, R. van Beek cat. no. 83

Exhibited: Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL), Romeins Glas, geleend uit particulier bezit, exp. no. 34  April 29- 28 August 2011, Museum Simon van Gijn Dordrecht (NL), February 2004 Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam (NL), de Kunst van het Vuur, exp. no. 83 May 29 – 16 September 2001

Reference: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Accession Number 74.51.250 for an identical specimen, ex Cesnola Collection, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Accession Number 29.100.84 for an identical specimen, but in blue glass, Roman, Byzantine and Early Medieval Glass – Ernesto Wolf Collection, E.M. Stern 2001 no. 20 (almost ovoid body) Vetri antichi del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Este, A.Toniolo 2000 no. 236 (conical body)

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