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Sidonian Moulded Glass Bottle of Toru Nishiyama glass collection


Date: 1st Century B.C. Size: h. 7.5 cm   d. 4.1 cm



Remark: Reference from the Book ‘GLASS, Its Origin, History, Chronology, Technic and Classification to the Sixteenth Century, 1927’ written by Gustavus A. Eisen ( see book cover below)

From Page 233, Volume 1.

The name ‘The Temple Series’ is derived from the sacred vases depicted in molding on each of the six sides of the flasks. Each space contains one vase, flanked by columns which latter support an arch with tympanum gable, always decorated with a large conical object.

It is not clear what temple was actually represented, but it is not unlikely that it was the temple of the Sidonian Venus, Ashtoreth. This theory is suggested because the cone standing in each tympanum might represent the cone under which the deity was worshiped as a stone or cone fallen from the heaven, and this might have been one of them.




Another reference from the book shown below.

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  1. wynkin said, on October 14, 2020 at 6:39 am

    Cones had various significance in ancient times including the pineal gland.

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