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Roman Cinerary Urn With M Shaped Handles and Lid


The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass



Date 1st/2nd century AD Height: 22cm excluding lid.

Origin: These were found mainly in the Western Empire but some from North Africa and a few from Greece and Asia Minor.

Description: Body made from single piece of free blown glass with two M shaped handles applied and separate domed lid. The rim splayed out with tubular lip formed by turning the glass inwards. The two handles on opposing sides made with a thick trail of glass dropped first on the left side, lifted and dropped and action repeated to form the M shape.  After final attachment on right hand side the excess glass was drawn up against the side of the handle. No pontil mark.

Condition: Intact apart from crack on the rim.

Provenance: TEFAF Art Fair. Old German collection, In: David and Jennifer Giles collection, London (UK)

Remarks: Sometimes the tops were made in the form of a funnel to receive libations. They looked like inverted lids with a hole in the knop. However mostly the tops of these vessels were actual lids without an aperture in them.

Reference: LIGHTFOOT  2007 – Ancient Glass National Museums of Scotland Pages 107/108 items 247/249. WHITEHOUSE 1997 Roman Glass Volume 1, page 172/173 items 302/304, ISINGS  1957 Roman Glass Dated Finds Page 82 Item 63


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