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Date: Late 4th century | Syro-Palestinian region Size: ↑10.5 cm | ø 4.5 cm (bottom) | Weight 78 g

Technique: Free blown, thread and handles applied; tooled

Classification: Stern 2001: type I, Class C-2a | Dussart 1998: BXIII.2211 nr. 21 | Barag 1970 type XII 2

Condition: Intact, colorful and silvery iridescence

Description: Translucent green glass, rim folded inward; two tubular phials, bulging slightly at bottom. Two angular side-handles, applied on top of tubes and attached to edge of rim. Flattened base, rest of pontil.

Remarks I: Kohl tubes with two compartments were made by squeezing an elongated bubble in such a way that the sides touched lengthwise. A shallow channel on one side of the finished vessel (the ‘’back’’) corresponds to a deep cleavage on the other side (the front). Apparently, ancient glass workers pressed both sides simultaneously. For the purpose of these kohl tubes: see information p. 142.          

Remarks II: Identical examples were found at Jalame workshop, located at Khirbat el-Ni’ana, 40 km northwest of Jerusalem. Provenance Acquired 11 February 2017, private collection Mr. & Mrs. Claus, the Netherlands (1980-2017), collection no. AR 16 Jacques Schulman B.V. Amsterdam (NL) Fixed Price-List no 218, October 1981 art. 88, bought by Mr. and Mrs. Claus on 8 March 1982.

Reference: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities, Vol. 1, The Ancient Ancient Glass, B. Caron & E.P. Zoïtopoúlou 2008 no. 137 Vom Luxusobjekt zum Gebrauchsgefäβ, Vorrömische und römische Gläser, M. Honroth 2007 no. 110 Ancient  Glass  in  the  Israel  Museum,  The  Eliahu Dobkin Collection and  Other Gifts, Y. Israeli 2003 no. 288 Roman and Pre-Roman Glass in the Royal Ontario Museum, J. W. Hayes 1975 no. 359 Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum, S.H. Auth 1976 no. 482, inv. no. 50.1550  

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  1. wynkin said, on November 16, 2020 at 5:50 am

    So this was for eye makeup?

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