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Prunted Medieval Beaker of David Giles


Germany or adjoining region to the South or East.

8.5 cm max height. 9 cm max width

13th/14th Century AD

Technique: Free blown, handle tooled

Description: Clear glass blown with applied prunts. Band of glass applied where body meets rim. Claw foot created by a ring of glass applied to base and individual spokes pulled out with tweezers.  Base kicked in. Pontil mark on base.

Condition: Intact with a silver & rainbow patina.

Parallels: Whitehouse-Medieval Glass for Popes, Princes and Peasants, David Whitehouse, The Corning Museum of Glass, 2010 illustrations 23/24/25/26

Reference: Previously in German collection 1960’s.

Additional examples of colorless prunted beaker of the Late Middle Ages 12th to 14th centuries

Most of the glass beakers of this type were found in dated excavations in parts of central and southern Europe. They are from the medieval period of late 12th to 14th century. It is thought that their use was for serving and consuming liquids in the homes.  The beaker examples shown here, made of colorless glass, illustrate a common form from the period decorated with horizontal rows of prunts.


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