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Small Merovingian Glass Bowl


The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Date 5th- early 6th Century A.D.  Size H = 4.0 cm  Dia = 9.0 cm, Weight 30 G.


Feyeux 81.0;  F. Siegmund, Niederrhein phase 5; Franken AG late phase 5 and 6; Rural Riches RR 4.10


Private collection North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


Free-blown semi-spherical light greenish dish or drinking bowl with a tangle of stripes in the glass in the surface. The walls are curved upwards from the bottom and slightly outwards at the edge. The edge is finished round in the fire, the bottom rises slightly in the middle and has a pontil mark.

Condition Completely intact

Remarks Isings (1957) reports that Frankish / Merovingian dishes are a natural continuation of Roman examples (form 116). J.F Feyeux (1995) distinguishes two types, namely shape 80 without finished edge and 81, rounded in the reheated fire (such as this bowl). Most specimens are yellow or greenish in color, with or without imposed enamel threads and decoration. Distribution area mainly in the Rhineland, Moselle and Gaul, the smallest comparable dish, found in Northeast Gaul, has a size of 3.4 cm high – 7.1 cm wide (Musée St. Germain-en-Laye).  Musée d’Epernay has a bowl 5.3 cm high and 11.9 cm wide that was found in 1933 together with two fibulae. Musée de Troyes also has a bowl that was found together with two fibulae.

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