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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on January 23, 2021

09R Mold-Blown Perfume Sprinkler Bottle of the Allaire collection


Date: Third-Fourth Century Size: 10 cm Weight: 74g


Description: This perfume dropper flask of pale greenish glass was blown into a two part mold with a distinct lattice pattern.  The globular body has a flattened base, short neck with a restriction where it meets the body and sharply flaring mouth. Just below the rim is a narrow folded flange. The brilliant iridescence of this piece greatly enhances its beauty.

Condition: Intact with a repair at base of neck. The object has weathered with beautiful silvery iridescence.

Reference: Ancient Glass the Kofler-Truniger Collection Christie’s London 1985 #45, Barakat-The Barakat Gallery Vol. I, Beverly Hill, 1985 G30& G31, Roman and Pre-Roman Glass in the Royal Ontario Museum, John Hayes, 1975  #280, Ancient and Islamic Glass in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Andrew Oliver Jr. Pittsburgh, 1980 # 206


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