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107E Venetian Filigrana Glass Vase of the Allaire Collection of Glass

107E Venetian Filigrana VaseH: 12.7 Date: 1700 Venice

Description: The pear-shaped body of this Venetian vase is fashioned with two styles of filigrana retortoli canes. The straight neck may have had a lid.  The vessel is decorated with clear glass wing handles, single center trail and ring foot also of clear glass.  The dating of this vase is based on a similar object in the collection in the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.

Remarks: In 1709, the Signoria in Venice gifted filigrana glasses to the Danish king, Frederick IV for his castle at Rosenborg. Now referred to as Rosenborg-type glasses, these were technically different from earlier Venetian filigrana glasses made with two layers, or more specifically: a layer of canes on an inner layer of cristallo. With the exception of very large examples, the Rosenborg-type filigrana glasses, are made of a single layer of glass canes using a technique called filigrana a retortoli.

Published: A Collection of Filigrana Glass, Kitty Lameris, 2012 #20

Ref: Venezianisches Glas der Kunstasmm Lungen der Veste Coburg, Anna-Elizabeth Theuerkauff-Liederwald, 1994 #452, The Hans Cohn Collection, Glass 500 BC to 1900 AD von Saldern, Los Angeles 1980 #201, Beyond Venice: Glass in Venetian Stye 1500-1750, Jutta Annette Page, The Corning Museum of Glass, 2004  #127

Photo: Courtesy of Frides Lameris Art and Antique, Amsterdam

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