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Purple Roman Glass Jar with Handles


The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Date: 4th Century A.D. Eastern Mediterranean, possibly Asia Minor  Size: ↑ 9.6cm   Ø  7.3  cm (body)


Description: Slightly squat, free-blown storage jar of semi-transparent, fairly thick aubergine glass. The bottom arches up and has a pontil mark. Halfway up the shoulders of the semicircular belly, two handles of transparent light green glass have been pulled up and then attached with a bend against the top edge. The collar itself is folded out, up and in again, creating a kind of ridge. The last part then goes up again to the rounded edge.

Classification: Hayes class XIII

Condition: Completely intact

Provenance: Private Turkish collection

Exhibited: 2011/2012 Museum Honig Breethuis Zaandijk )NL) no. 24

Remarks: This storage jar is mainly found in the Eastern Mediterranean, in various colors such as light green, yellow and completely transparent, sometimes also with blue zigzag decoration .The shape also occurs with more than two handles (or without)

References: Royal Ontario Museum (Hayes 1975, nr.441); The Allaire collection, nr.16R;  A Collection of Roman glass, Paul E. Cuperus  collection (PEC 030); Joop van der Groen collection (VDG 086).

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