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Date: 4th century AD | Eastern Mediterranean Size: ↑15.7 cm | ø 5.8 cm | Weight 70 g

Technique: Free blown, handle, trail and foot applied

Description: Transparent purple glass, handle of pale green glass. Elegant pear-shaped body, long narrow neck, funnel-shaped and rounded mouth, rim folded outward and downward creating a hollow flange. Flat ribbed, long angular handle, applied on the shoulder, drawn up and down to top part of neck, folded, drawn up and attached to edge of rim, with protuberance above rim; on neck a thin pale green glass thread wound downward counterclockwise with three revolutions. Applied pad base, slightly indented with rest of pontil.

Condition: Intact, excellent condition

Remarks: In Roman times the common name for this type of jug was lagoena. The name was used for a jug made of pottery, silver, bronze or glass with the following and specific characteristics: a narrow neck, a bellied body and one or two handles. (Hilgers 1969)

Provenance: Collection C.A. Hessing, Laren (NL) 1998, formed in the 1990s, collection number 71
Amsterdam art market, Fridès Lameris 1993

Published: Vormen uit Vuur no. 220 (2013), p. 19, Antiek Glas, de Kunst van het Vuur, R. van Beek no. 58

Exhibited: Thermenmuseum Heerlen (NL), Romeins Glas, geleend uit particulier bezit, exp. no. 75
29 April – 28 August 2011, Museum Simon van Gijn Dordrecht (NL), February 2004, Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam (NL), de Kunst van het Vuur, exp. no. 58, 17 May – 16 September 2001

Reference: Ancient Glass in the Hermitage Collection, N. Kunina no. 399
Katalog der römischen Gläser des Rheinischen Landesmuseums Trier, K. Goethert-Polaschek nos. 1316-17,  Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass -Vol. III, D. Whitehouse no. 1187, Les Verres Antiques du Musée du Louvre II, V. Arveiller-Dulong & M.D. Nenna no. 1027

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