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83R Roman Trulla of The Allaire Collection

Date: Late 1st – early 2nd century A.D. Size: H 9.3 cm D 10.5 cm (rim), 9.3 cm (handle) W 113.5 g

Condition: Intact, Handle repaired in two places Classification: Isings (1957), form 75b

Description: Translucent light green glass bowl, ring base and handle. The bowl has an everted rim with rounded outer lip; tubular flange formed by folding at top of side; hemispherical body; applied, outsplayed, low oval base with rounded outer edge; slightly raised edge to concave bottom. The handle applied as a broad flat strap to edge of rim, with small pinched projection on either side, drawn out horizontally with concave side edges, then pinched off with rough surface marks from pincers on top and bottom. Intact, slight dulling, faint iridescence, and patches of weathering on one side of bowl.  Evidence of some weathering has been removed. No pontil mark present.

Remarks: Pans with handles were widely used in the Roman world, serving as ritual objects in religious ceremonies (D.Whitehouse 1997) and in sets of vessels for drinking (Hilgers 1969)

References: Whitehouse 1997, Corning Museum, No. 346., Hayes 1975, Ontario Museum, No. 148., Arveiller-Dulong 2005, Louvre Museum, No. 36., Massabò 2001, Aquileia Museum, No. 72., Saldern 1974, Oppenländer Collection, No. 557 (p. 241).

Parallel Trulla: Metropolitan Art Museum On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 171 picture below

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