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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on April 26, 2021

32E, 87E of The Allaire Collection

32E Cristallo wine glass has a bell-shaped bowl decorated with gadrooning and a thin clear glass thread circling the center. Stem Type: A tall hollow “a jambe” meaning like a leg or cigar-shaped stem rests on a merese (collar). The tall narrow stem rests on a wide circular foot.   H: 15.3 cm, Stem H: 5.0 cm, W: 70.8 grams, D: First half of 17th Century, Ref: Lameris, 1991 #82

87E This is a fine and rare Facon de Venise wine glass. It has a flared bowl with gadrooned base. Stem Type: A wrythen hollow knopped stem on a wrythen hollow knopped stem attached to a conical folded foot. Perhaps English, from one of the Duke of Buckingham’s glass houses or from the Netherlands. H: 15.1 cm, Stem H: 6.0 cm, W: 60.5 grams, D: 1650,  Ref: Treasures in Glass, Allentown Art Museum, 1966 #39

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