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Gallo-Roman Glass Jar

The Windmill Collection of Roman Glass

Date: 1st – 2nd-   Century AD,  Rhineland, Gallic area Size: ↑ 6.5 cm (incl. thumb rest) ,  Ø 6.7 cm

Classification: Isings (1957), form 57 (variant)

Provenance:  Demeulenaere collection (Belgium)

Description: Blue-green transparent free-blown jug with a round belly. The underside arches up in the middle and has a stand ring. Halfway down the abdomen a post of glass is attached that leads up to the ring-shaped top edge and then rises above as a thumb rest.

Condition: Intact

Published: 1995 Verres Antiques et de l’Islam, Ancienne collection de Monsieur D., nr.461

Remarks: Normally, these types of miniature jugs do not have a ring base, such as the Isings parallel from Heerlen and the one from the museum in Zagreb. The example at Yale University does have a ring foot and also a double thumb stud.

References: Roman Glass in Limburg (Isings) nr. 211); Ancient Glass in the Yale University nr.202; Archeological Museum Zagreb, inv. nr.11846; Eisen pl.94. nr.361 mouth →  thread decorated jug (9.7 cm), also belonging to the Windmill Collection of Roman Glass. (pictured below)

References: Collection Verres Antiques Monsieur D. auction Paris 3/4 June 1985, lot 478, height 14.2 cm, 2nd-4th Century; Roman Glass in Landesmuseum, Trier (Goethert-Polaschek) fig. 24 no. 4; Metropolitan Museum NY inv. no. 81.10.195 (narrower oval body) 3rd-4th Century; David and Jennifer Giles collection London, 10.5 cm high; Landesmuseum Joanneum Graz (Austria), height 21.1 cm, with wire around the neck); Landesmuseum Bonn inv. 2386, 18 cm, wire neck and body; Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg No. 256 (variant with few threads near the base bottom), 17.8 cm high, late 1st-2nd Century.

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