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From Nico F. Bijnsdorp


Mid 1st – mid 2nd century AD. Eastern Mediterranean, possibly Asia Minor.

H body: 8.4 cm. H handle: 11.4 cm. D body: 7.9 cm. D rim: 3.4 cm. Weight: 180 gr.


Isings 1957: Form 61.

Morin Jean 1913: Form 33.

Vessberg 1952: Aryballos II, with ring-shaped “mouthpiece”, Pl. IX:36.


Excellent condition. Some weathering and iridescence.


Free blown, tooled. Glass handles, bronze rings and carrying handle applied.


Translucent olive-green glass with a yellowish tinge.

The rim folded out-, down- and upward to form a strong collar. Very short tubular neck. Globular body without a pontil mark. Two opposite coil handles dropped on the shoulder, drawn diagonally towards the neck and attached there just below the rim. The body decorated with five horizontal bands of incisions: a deep and wide groove at midpoint of the body with shallow and fine incisions above and below and two bands of similar fine incisions on the lower shoulder and the lower body. Two bronze rings wound through the coil handles. A semi-circular bronze carrying handle, lozenge-form in cross-section, with bent-up finials through the bronze rings. Finials carefully embellished.


Mr Edward T. Newell (1886-1941) was president of the American Numismatic Society (ANS) from 1916 till 1941. He was the longest-serving president and the greatest numismatist of his generation. Upon his untimely death in 1941 he bequeathed his mammoth collection of more than 87,000 coins to the ANS. Apart from coins he also collected Roman glass that was donated to Wheaton College in 1966 (see below).


The Hanita and Aaron Dechter Collection, Los Angeles, CA, prior to 1989.

The Wheaton College Collection, Norton, MA, deaccessioned in 1978.

The Edward and Adra Newell Collection, bequeathed to Wheaton College in 1966.


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