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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on December 14, 2021

RG – 21. Roman Cuppa with Foot

from the Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen collection

H = 7,5 cm.; ø 7 cm.; ø foot 3,4 cm.; weight 30,7 grams.

Origin: Think at this moment Middle East and ~ 4th CE.; but wouldn’t be surprised when it had its origin in Cyprus.

Remarks: A rather rare drinking glass made from the characteristic greenish glass. A glass of which one can imagine it adorning the table of somebody with a good feeling for form, shape or better elegance.

Description: At the top of the waisted part of the cup is a single thread of glass which enhancing the shape. It seems that the free formed cup was shaped with a somewhat open base which opening has been closed off by the top of the attached foot. The foot of this glass makes it a rare glass. The conical foot has been widened to give a larger footing to provide more stability. The Cuppa has a form that makes one remotely think of a Carchesium. However, the total shape of the cup gives a much more elegant impression. Not that Carchesia are not elegant but the total form-language is, at least for us, more refined.

References: Up to now a good parallel has not been found. For the shape of the foot a parallel was found in the Corning collection being 66.1.264.

Provenance: -Gorny & Mosch auction nr. 136; – Ex collection PD; – Gorny & Mosch auction nr.259.

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