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AJAM 047 Sprinkler Bottle with Fins

of AJAM /Collection of Ancient Glass

Origin Eastern Mediterranean, probably Syria.

Size ↑ 9 cm │ Ø max. 6,9 cm │ Ø edge 4,5 cm │weight 89,39 grams.

Technique Free blown body. Pliers squeezed out decorations of ribs and studs.


Transparent light green sprinkler with pear-shaped body, short cylindrical neck in which a disc with an opening is placed on the inside at the transition to the body to effect dripping. The wide upper edge is folded into a flange-shaped flat mouth opening. The appearance is decorated with various bulges, at the bottom four saucer-shaped studs pulled out. Around the body, with profile pliers, four vertical ribs with an imprint of shaded horizontal stripes are pulled out in the form of fish fins. On the flattened bottom there is a pontil mark present.


The glass sprinklers were formed after the year 250 AD. at the eastern borders of the Roman Empire. Probably under the influence of the Sassanids who took power in Persia from the Parthians in the year 226 AD. The oldest specimens have been found in tombs along the Roman eastern borders near the cities of Emesa (Homs) and Dura Europos. The last one mentioned is a Roman fortified city that was destroyed by the Sassanids in the year 256 AD. The production and use of these sprinklers exclusively took place in the eastern regions and continued until the end of the fourth or beginning fifth century. The specimen AJAM 047 is probably from the first production period, second half of the third century.


Intact, small chip at the mouth edge.


2017, Helios Gallery Antiquities, Rock House, Lower Kingsdown, Wiltshire (UK).

2015, British collector/dealer, Christopher Richard Seton Sheppard, 1949-2015, London (UK).

During the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century sold antique glass to prominent museums and private collections.


The Patrician House Dordrecht (NL), Glass through the ages, exp. No.AAD012

11 April – 7 October 2018


Fire and Sand, Ancient Glass in the Princeton University Art Museum (USA), A. Antonara No. 418.

Roman, Byzantine and Early Midieval Glass, Ernesto Wolff collection (D), E.M. Stern No. 133.

Gläser der Antike, Sammlung Oppenländer, (D), A von Saldern, no. 692.

Victoria & Albert Museum London (GB), inventory No.8129.

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