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Historical Prospective

With the growth of industrialization and the middle class, there was an increasing demand for elegant consumer goods in Europe and America. Glassmakers responded with a wide assortment of high quality glass. The skill of the glass decorators—cutters, engravers, and painters—became as important as that of the glassblowers. In America, there were only a few successful glass factories in the 18th century, but the industry had blossomed by the mid-19th century. The pressing machine, developed in the 1820s, was America’s most important contribution to the glass industry. It tripled the production of tableware, which became readily available to the public at greatly reduced prices. European and American glass companies displayed their largest and most elaborate works at world’s fairs. More than six million visitors attended the first of these fairs, the 1851 Great Exhibition in London’s Crystal Palace, which was in itself an architectural glass wonder.

1300 – 1600 the Renaissance

1603 – 1714 the Stuart Period. Things such as The Great Plague, The Great Fire of London, and the Glorious Revolution occurred during this era. Notable people are Shakespeare, Wren, Galileo, and Newton. (Between this and the next one there are many eras or periods that overlap, such as The Jacobean [1603 to 1660], Caroline [1625 to 1649], The Interregnum [1649 to 1660], and The Restoration [1660 to 1800.]

1700 J.S. Bach writes The Brandenburg Concertos

1714 – 1830 the Georgian Era. Architecture then was inspired by Gothic architecture. Notable people were Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, William Blake, and Thomas Gainsborough. Notable events were The French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the wars with France.

1750 James Watt patents the steam engine
1776 American Revolution

1800 Napoleonic Wars end in 1815

1830 – 1901 the Victorian era

1825 Mechanical press for mass producing glass is invented in U.S.

1861-1865 American Civil War

1875 Edison invents electric light bulb

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