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The Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, OH has an extensive glass collection of over 6800 objects. This glass collection is one of the most comprehensive and historically significant in the world. From antiquity to the present, you may explore the evolution of glass as an artistic medium. It is on view in the Glass Pavilion, the collection features works of art representing ancient Roman, Islamic, European Renaissance, Baroque, and Rocco, American and European 19th century, and modern contemporary glass.

The Libbey Glass Company was one of the largest glass manufacturers in the United States of America during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In 1888, Edward Libbey moved his glass-manufacturing establishment from Massachusetts to Toledo, Ohio. His workers utilized a recently discovered deposit of natural gas to manufacture the glass. The Libbey Glass Company produced bottles, containers, window glass. The firm was best known for its cut glass. With the success of Libbey Glass, Mr. Libbey, along with his wife Florence Scott Libbey, founded the Toledo Museum of Art in 1901. The Toledo Museum website:

The following photos are examples of glass objects from the Museum collection.

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  1. Michelle Harvey said, on December 7, 2009 at 9:12 am

    Greetings from TMA! We’re delighted to be featured on your glass blog. I’d like to give you the correct link to our website, or two rather. Here’s info on our glass collection: And here are some samples from our collection:

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