Ancient Glass Blog of The Allaire Collection


All of the Glass Shown is From The Allaire Collections

The collection of American glass is displayed as types and not as a time line.

Pitkin Bottle 1788-1830

Pattern-molded Bottles 19th Century

Chestnut Bottles and Handled Whiskey Bottles 19th Century




Pitchers 19th Century


Salts, Bowls and Dishes c. 1765-1890

Wine Glasses and Strap Handled Mugs

Water and Whiskey Pattern-molded Tumblers c. 1850-1899

Fry glass 1916-1930

The Fry glass in our collection is the heat resistant borosilicate glass made by H. C. Fry Glass Company in Rochester, PA 1902-1930. This company made complete dinner sets, tea sets and a large variety of heat-resistant oven glassware from 1916 to 1930 under a license from the Corning Glass Works.



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