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Small can be beautiful of Elisabeth & Theo Zandbergen

Miniature  core form jug

Miniature core form jug

Dimensions: H: 2.5 cm.; largest ø 1.4 cm.; foot ø 0.7 cm.; weight 3 grams.

Origin: Eastern Mediterranean, Date: 4th century AD

Miniature jug with a core made from dark blue glass. The handle and the open latticework around the core are of a lighter blue glass. The handle has first been fixed to the latticework and then pulled up to the rim of the core.

Parallels: – Die Welt van Byzanz – Europas Östliches Erbe, Ausstellungs Katalog Prähistorische Staatsamlung (2004) pg. 319 nr. 595 – Cantz, Römisches, Byzantinisches und frühmittelalterliches Glas, 10 v. Chr. – 700 n. Chr, pag. 361 nr. 8, – Toledo Museum of Art, Nr. 1923.2223, collection Edward Drummond Libbey. – Whitehouse, Roman glass in the Corning Museum of glass, Vol. Three, pg. 48/49, nrs, 962, 964 – Rossum van H.; Roman and early Byzantine Glass, pg.232/233 – Metropolitan Museum New York, acc. nr. 17.194. 478

Provenance: – Ex German private collection B.E., acquired between 1966 en 1981 – Gorny & Mosch auction nr. 231, lot nr. 253.

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