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Roman Oeinochoe

Roman Oeinochoe

Jug, ~ 4th cent. A.D., Eastern
Picture by Tom Haartsen

A very elegant Roman oeinochoe. From the specific soil and/or atmospheric conditions this jug got its brownish pink irisation. The jug rests on a slightly conical footring with a ø of 4 cm. The bulbous body narrows to the top in a slightly tapering neck which transforms into the typical oeinochoe form or “cloverleaf” shape. The green handle is fixed to approx. the mid part of the body and is pulled from there to the spout of the jug. There it is fixed with an elegant backward leaning thumb rest. The handle has the typical striations which form is also called a “celery” structure from its likeness to that vegetable. Around the neck of the jug is a small green thread of glass in almost the same colour as the handle.

Origin: Middle-East probably the area now known as Libanon.(Phoenicia)

Dimensions: H 14,1 cm.; ø 8,0 cm.; weight 85 gram.

– Kunstmuseum Luzern, 3000 Jahre Glaskunst, nr. 440, however with a cylindrical spout,
– Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, The Eliahu Dobkin Collection and other gifts, nr. 224 in
the Hebrew catalogue, nr. 202 in the English version,
– Auction catalogue Gershon Bineth collection nr.119

– The Gershon Bineth collection,
– Archaeological Center Jaffa,

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