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of The Augustinus Collection of Ancient Glass

AcoaG 8.0 


Date: |1st. half of 4th. century A.D.  Size: | H: 13.65 cm  W: Rim: 3.85 / 3.00 cm  D: shoulder 4,05 cm|

Technique: Free blown body; mouth outsplayed and pinched to form trefoil; rounded rim; handle drawn up from shoulder to the rim, small amount of excess glass drawn back and pushed under the rim.

Description: Carrot shaped oinochoé with thin wall; attached handle; made of transluscent greenish white glass; some silvery iridescence; light weathering; sandy encrustration,

Condition: Broken and repaired with some small proportion missing.

Remarks: ‘Pitchers of this kind appear to be scarce’, according to M. Stern. ‘The form does not occur among  palestinian finds, therefore probably syrian.’ This jug however is said to have been found in or near the oppidum of Noviomagus, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Provenance:  From a private dutch collection. Previously unpublished.


Fondation Custodia Paris, inv. 4101.

British Museum: inv. 1911/4.4/8 from Aleppo.

RGZ Mainz inv. 0.6676.

Dos and Bertie Winkel Collection, 2017: DOS98.


Hayes, 1975, p. 79, no: 286.

Auth, 1976, p. 103, no: 115.

Stern, 1977, Fondation Custodia, p. 106-107, no 32.

Whitehouse, 1997, CMG vol I, p. 190-101, no 335.

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