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Posted in Uncategorized by Allaire Collection of Glass on May 11, 2021

84R and The Bronze Phiale of The Allaire Collection

Date: 1st Century, Size: H. 4.0 cm., D. (rim) 12.5 cm., (max.) 13.5 cm., W. 102.3 g.

Technique: Blown in a three-part mold, two vertical sections and baseplate.

Condition: Intact, with almost invisible repair.

Description: Shallow bowl decorated with over 100 vertical ribs extending from shoulder to horizontal rib slightly above bottom; below this, second horizontal rib; under base, raised dot at center and three concentric circles. Mold seams faintly visible on rim.

Remarks: The bronze Greek or Roman Phiale (picture below) resembles this Roman shallow glass libation bowl. The ancient Romans also made shallow bowls out of earthenware or metal for drinking and libations at sacrifices. These bowls are also called Patera.

References: Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass Volume II #498, Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum #39, Glases Der Antike Sammlung Ewin Oppenlander #451

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